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Paperless account opening, applications, and transactions

Leading banking institutions and retail organizations around the world are realizing the cost-saving benefits of implementing Wacom's electronic handwritten signature and electronic form filling solutions.

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Electronic Handwritten Signature for Customer-Facing Applications

With over 30 years of experience making the digital world feel like the real world, Wacom takes the user experience seriously. We understand that the experience that your customer, or member has with your authentication or approval system is an extension of your brand. Since they have put their trust and their financial commitment in your organization, then you owe it to them to ensure that their electronic signatures and personal information are safe and secure. Capturing this sensitive information with an electronic Wacom pen is legally binding and it feels like writing and signing on paper. The digital ink from a Wacom pen is smooth and responsive. The Wacom pen feels like a real, ink pen, which is the way it should be. Being able to view text and images clearly on the screen, especially after hundreds of thousands of transactions, reinforces your brand and your commitment to the user experience. Wacom signature pads are the most robust, reliable, and durable capture devices available which delivers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

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