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Whether sculpting characters for video games or sketching endless concepts for ground-breaking consumer products, the world’s creative enterprises have one thing in common: They rely on the power of Wacom’s pen and display technology to amplify their craft.

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Virtual reality (VR), Augmented reality (AR) and Mixed reality (MR) have the potential to redefine how your customers experience everything--from playing video games and watching movies to trying on apparel and walking through floor plans. And that means an increasing demand for more realistic, high-quality 3D assets and environments that enhance the first-person experience.

With the power of Wacom’s pen and display technology on their side, your digital artists can move through concepting, drawing, modeling, painting, texturing and rendering more fluidly and in deeper detail. If you who prefer working on large Cintiqs, add the Cintiq Pro Engine PC module to the Cintiq Pro 24 and 32 for the power to both create and review VR content. Plus, you’ll find that many of their frequently used creative applications, such as Adobe® Photoshop®, Autodesk® Maya® and Pixologic® Zbrush®, simply perform better when used with new Wacom pen input products.

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