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Whether sculpting characters for video games or sketching endless concepts for ground-breaking consumer products, the world’s creative enterprises have one thing in common: They rely on the power of Wacom’s pen and display technology to amplify their craft.

Pen to screen with no in-between

From storyboarding to post-production work, world-renowned animators, game developers and 3D sculptors turn to Wacom pen and display technology to create the characters, creatures, special effects and worlds in the games and movies that fans adore.


Packed with power and versatility, Wacom products are the go-to choice for artists who want to animate, draw, paint and composite smarter and faster. No need to spend time scanning in drawings or start over to make changes—with Wacom, your animators can work directly on screen. Integration with programs such as Adobe® Animate and After Effects®, Smith Micro Moho™ and Toon Boom® Harmony makes 2D sketching seamless.

The natural feel of the pressure-sensitive pen, minimal drawing parallax and customizable shortcut keys make it easy to respond to client demands quickly. Reorganize a storyboard in Adobe® Photoshop®, rework a scene in Storyboard Studio, fine-tune 3D characters in Autodesk® Maya® or Modo®. High-performance color features with the best broadcast lookup tables (LUTs) deliver superior canvas-to-screen accuracy, while the durability of Wacom’s displays easily stand up to the wear and tear that comes from endless thumbnail passes.

“Knowing how to use a Cintiq it's a must, it's absolutely essential, if you don't learn those tools you are not going to be keeping up with the deadlines and the workflow.” 

– Sarah Gencarelli , Animation Director - Cartoon Network Studios

Game Development

In the world of game development, time to market is a priority. With Wacom, your team can move work through the pipeline quickly with greater control and freedom.

Give your artists the tools they need to move back and forth efficiently between 2D concepts and 3D models. And keep up with gamers’ expectations for increasingly realistic landscapes, characters and action with pen-on-screen precision, a customizable touch interface, intuitive controls, and large displays that let your creatives fly through concepts and iterations without fatigue.

“We love the displays and we love how the artists can do their work so much better. It’s so natural for them to be painting right on the tablets… The pens are so good, it’s just the best technology when it comes to pen technology.”

– Scott Liedtka, Head of Production Technology – Rovio

Character Design

Whether concepting in Adobe® Photoshop®, rigging in Autodesk® Max, skinning in Pixologic® Zbrush®, or creating working production models for fabricators, Wacom makes it easy to get into the details. Pencils are always sharp and brushes are clean, bringing precision to your team’s workflow. Allow your artists to immerse themselves in their work like never before, creating friends and foes that are more believable and beloved.

“The Cintiq is one of those rare technologies that not only enhances our work and makes us more productive, but it enables us to do things that have never been seen before.”

– Bryan Winia, Character Artist, Naughty Dog

3D Sculpting and Modeling

Mold, shape, sculpt and render 3D assets more efficiently with the speed and connectivity that only a Wacom creative pen display can bring to the table. Industry-standard applications such as Pixologic® Zbrush® and Autodesk® Maya® and Mudbox® come preconfigured with stencils, brushes and other tools designed to work seamlessly with Wacom pen input technology and multi-touch capabilities.

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