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Get more from the software applications you've already invested in by adding Wacom to the mix. Since Wacom works closely with engineers at major creative software companies to integrate pen recognition and pressure-sensitive tools—and even multi-touch controls—into their software, your team can take productivity and creativity to a whole new level.

For more than 30 years, Wacom has partnered with the creative software developers to innovate and integrate pen technology features that make the creative process more productive and intuitive.

These innovations include features such as pen-pressure sensitivity (i.e., the varying pressure applied by the artist in each brush or pen stroke), pen-tilt recognition (i.e., the angle the artist holds the pen), and even pen rotation (i.e., the natural effects of rotating a brush). In addition, Wacom’s professional productivity features—ExpressKeys, radial menus, pen switches and soft keys—can be customized for each of these applications.



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