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Bamboo Stylus fineline

Get started with your Bamboo Stylus fineline

It’s time to take notes to a new level, to design, diagram, doodle… Here’s where to learn how to set up your stylus and pair it with some great apps.

Step 1: Prepare your stylus

IntuosCreativeStylus2GS plug

Plug in your stylus (USB)

IntuosCreativeStylus2GS chargetime

Charge for 2 hours

IntuosCreativeStylus2GS Battery

Rechargeable battery lasts up to 26 hours

  • Palm-Rejection
  • Pressure-Sensitivity
  • Shortcut-Functionality

Now, pair the app with your stylus.

1. Open your iPad settings.

2. Bluetooth 활성화.

3. In "General" settings, switch off "Multitasking Gestures" for optimal palm rejection and stable connections.

4. Open a compatible app.

5. 앱 설정으로 가서 스타일러스 지원 기능을 활성화하세요.

6. 스타일러스의 사이드 스위치를 누릅니다. 그럼 파란색 조명이 깜박이기 시작합니다. 페어링이 완료되면 LED 조명이 2초 동안 균일하게 켜집니다.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 when pairing with another app.
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Bamboo Paper

Pairing your Bamboo Fineline 2 with the Bamboo Paper app will unlock the bonus fineline pack.

Learn more

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dropzone icon cg


Easily copy & paste images between apps & devices.
Dropzone enables you to have your images everywhere, on your tablet or desktop computer. On Mac OS, Windows and iOS.

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