Wacom products

  • Pen Displays

    Our creative pen displays allow you to work directly on screen with a pressure-sensitive pen.

  • Pen Tablets

    Our line of creative pen tablets includes a range of choices for your creative interests.

  • Smartpads

    Write naturally with pen on any paper, and convert your handwritten notes into “living” digital files.

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  • Stylus

    Enjoy the natural feel of a pen as you digitally draw, sketch, and capture ideas.

  • Apps & Services

    Helping you capture your thoughts and ideas.

Wacom @ Home

Wacom for eLearning & remote teaching

Whether you need to work, learn, teach or create from home, Wacom creative pen displays and pen tablets combined with inking apps make it easy to explain concepts visually, encourage collaboration and express your creativity.

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Transport your ideas into the digital world

Wacom Inkspace is the perfect app for remote teaching & eLearning. Convert handwritten notes to text, stimulate hands-on collaboration and work on a real-time canvas simultaneously with other students or teachers.

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