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Command Center

Visual communications helps first responders

Seconds matter when there is an emergency, so using a Wacom pen to quickly draw on the screen ensures the entire response team is informed quickly

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If you are looking for a way to reduce the time it takes for your command center to relay vital information to resources in the field, then consider a Wacom pen display. The electronic pen controls the cursor much like a mouse does, however, most pen users find it much faster than a mouse due to the benefits of direct eye-hand coordination. Operating the software more quickly is not the only advantage of using the pen directly on the screen, but you can also make handwritten notes and draw diagrams as easily as drawing with an ink pen on paper. Quick sketches to define a perimeter, or an arrow to indicate a recent change in direction only takes a few seconds to draw, but they can communicate a great deal of information quickly and easily.

Wacom pen displays are built to provide a long life of continuous service. Our patented, electromagnetic pen technology means that there are no batteries in the pen to ever wear out, and there are no electrical wires from the pen to twist and break. Our pen displays resist scratches due to a hardened cover glass on the work surface. They can be added to any existing computer system, and operate just like an external monitor.

public sector command center f

Benefits of using a Pen Display in a Command Center

  • Navigate software and control the cursor quickly with the pen on the screen
  • Draw diagrams, sketches, and plans with the pen to communicate visually
  • Make handwritten notes quickly
  • Field operators can see the drawings and notes immediately
  • Electronic pen technology is durable, robust, and maintenance free
  • Minimal training is required to become proficient with using the pen on the screen

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