Wacom for capturing ideas

Note taking

Highly noticeable. Turn your touch screen into your personal notepad. Note down your ideas with ease – in your handwriting. It's so simple and looks just like pen on paper.

Literally the finest handwork

Imagine reading a book and directly writing in the margins. Or opening a new paper notebook and laying down your first ink marks. Now you can do both on your iPad as your paper replacement. It's a notepad with unlimited pages.

Your Bamboo Fineline not only supports the leading note taking apps, it provides a natural high-precision handwriting experience on a touch screen. Writing feels natural while the results look authentic and finely nuanced. Whether business note or personal message – discover a degree of precision you'll never want to miss again.

Smooth and easy

It's not easy to keep everything in mind – whether it's a seminar, a university lecture or a fleeting inspiration. Relax as your Bamboo Stylus lets you smoothly and quickly note down everything worth remembering. Turn your media tablet into a true writing tablet – and experience pen-like handwriting that really keeps up to your style.

Write on each side

Sometimes, it simply doesn't make sense to be working on your tablet. Sometimes, the notes you want to take must be made on a piece of paper, something already created, printed and shared. So why carry around multiple writing instruments, when you can use the same stylus for each task. Getting it done on your iPad or media tablet, or old school with ink to paper. Either way, enjoy the ergonomics and premium feel of the Bamboo Stylus. It makes a difference.

Wacom products for note taking

Choose up to 4 products

Bamboo Slate

A smartpad that allows you to write naturally with pen on any paper, and with the push of a button convert your handwritten notes into “living” digital files.

Bamboo Fineline

A smart stylus with pressure sensitivity designed for a natural writing experience on iOS touch devices

Bamboo Tip

A fine-tip stylus that gives you fidelity when taking notes exactly as you want on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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