Wacom for capturing ideas


It's fun to work together. And it's even more fun with a Bamboo™ Stylus. Whether at the office, at home or anywhere else you like. Now you can more easily markup text documents and other digital resources shared with your colleagues. Make it clear what you want changed, show what to emphasize, and be clear in your intent. Yes, stay connected more expressively.

Share every detail

An e-mail or a call isn't always the most productive way to get things done. Choose a more visual and personal way of working together – using your Bamboo Fineline. Precisely draw out your ideas on your iPad, send it to your partner and get their feedback. Your Bamboo Fineline gives you free access to Inkspace services supports many collaboration products and opens up a new world for tablet collaboration. Share the fine difference – to unchain your business or learning experience.

Share a laugh

Collaboration is such a severe word, when it comes to sharing a laugh. Use your Bamboo Solo or Bamboo Duo as your magic wand for an enjoyable communication experience. Shoot a photo with your smartphone, smoothly give it your personal touch with your stylus and send it to a friend. Look forward to receiving the reaction.

Enjoyable on both sides

Experience the fun of using your favorite collaboration apps. With a Bamboo Stylus you can, for example, invite your friends with a digitally handwritten note attached to a photo-message. But you might also directly write your personal message on a paper flyer – and then send it by smartphone or tablet. Experience more personal freedom staying connected the smoothest way.

Wacom products for collaboration

Choose up to 4 products

Bamboo Fineline

A smart stylus with pressure sensitivity designed for a natural writing experience on iOS touch devices

Bamboo Tip

A fine-tip stylus that gives you fidelity when taking notes exactly as you want on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Bamboo Duo

An essential two-in-one stylus perfect for those who want to smoothly tap, write or draw on all touchscreens and paper.

Bamboo Solo

An essential stylus that enables you to smoothly tap, write and draw on your tablet, smartphone or PC touchscreen.

Bamboo Alpha

A stylus for smudge-free navigation and quality performance on touch screens.

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