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In the 2D world of concept art, character development, story boarding, matte painting, and other disciplines, creatives are making productivity gains by working on Cintiq creative pen displays. Independent studios and marquis production houses alike are pairing Wacom displays with advanced software for greater results.

Why creatives choose Wacom

We assume you know the basics. Like Wacom's professional-level products deliver 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt rotation, just like traditional media brushes. That scores of professional creative applications, from Adobe®, Autodesk, Corel®, Toon Boom™, and others, all integrate pen recognition and Wacom pressure sensitivity. And most of these applications now deliver support for gesture recognition, so you can immerse yourself in your work when you use a Wacom display with multi-touch or our Intuos Pro pen tablets, all of which incorporate touch input.

In the 2D world of professional concepting, storyboarding, and character development, there's even more to the story.

Results. Results. Results.

Concept design is all about speed, iteration, collaboration, and the related pressures to perform. Indeed. You'll likely want to streamline your workflow, see greater productivity, and feel better about your creative results as well.

For these reasons alone, not many people today still work in the analog paper world, due to the inefficiencies of drawing, scanning, tracing, and reworking content. Even students are graduating from creative arts programs steeped in the use of Wacom gear and ready for careers in game, commercial animation, illustration, and motion design.

Create naturally with pressure sensitivity

With Wacom's pen displays, you have direct pen-on-screen control as you create your storyboard, characters, or environment concepts. Use your favorite brush to create the base of your character, where you can apply elevated resolution and pixel size to zoom in and add the fine details. With the pressure-sensitive pen, you can move across brush tools in the Adobe® Photoshop® software, adjusting pen size jitter opacity,and flow, all of which are set to respond to subtle changes in pressure. Apply heavy pressure to dig into a surface, or lighten your touch for subtle detail and color blends.

What's multi-touch got to do with it

Significant software advances from Autodesk, Corel, Toon Boom, and, more recently, Adobe, have delivered on the advantages of the Wacom multi-touch interface as an integrated component of the pen display. Now, you can work more fluidly, using the creative attributes of the pen in one hand while zooming, panning, or rotating your canvas with the other. You'll feel totally immersed in your work! Combined with on-screen short-cuts and our ExpressView heads up display, you'll also enjoy greater productivity.

From 2D to sculpting

Creating original 2D concept drawings with 3D sculpting in mind requires a highly collaborative process. To deliver the assets a 3D modeler will need to capture every angle and movement of your character, you have to create a lifelike 2D version to build off. Draw your character once, rotating it to deliver multiple views from the top, bottom, side, and three-quarters for 3D exploration with instant feedback, without having to sketch out multiple views, scan them in, and send them out to the team.

Take your creative toolbox with you

Agile workflows require a way of working. If you're on location with a client, or just in a meeting off site, you can make a complex workflow more manageable when you're working on a Wacom MobileStudio Pro, a UHD Cintiq display wrapped into a powerful Windows 10 computer. All in a slim lightweight, design. It's a creative tablet made for professionals on the go: thanks to a high performance pen display, Wi-Fi connectivity, dual mounted cameras for Skype and video conferences, and everything you would expect from an Intel powered computer.

Wacom products for animation and game

Choose up to 4 products

Wacom MobileStudio Pro

An ultra high definition creative pen computer designed for creative professionals.

Wacom Cintiq Pro 16

An ultra high-definition pen display with multi-touch capabilities designed for creative professionals.

Cintiq 27 QHD Touch

A high-definition pen display with multi-touch capabilities designed for creative professionals.

Cintiq 27 QHD

A high-definition pen display designed for creative professionals.

Wacom Intuos Pro

A professional pen tablet with multi-touch capabilities available in small, medium and large sizes

Wacom Intuos Pro Paper

A professional pen tablet with added paper-to-digital functionality available in medium and large sizes

Bamboo Ink

A smart stylus for writing, note-taking and annotating, for Windows Ink.

Bamboo Ink Plus

A smart stylus for annotating, drawing and sketching, for Windows Ink.

Wacom One (Gen. 1)

A high definition creative pen display designed for creative hobbyists and visual thinkers

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