Eliminate paperwork and get jobs done quicker with eSignatures

Service providers, such as on-site repair specialists, contractors, and logistics professionals can all enjoy the benefits of digital customer information, approvals, and acknowledgments. Wacom has helped many service companies streamline their ordering, contract, and proof-of-delivery processes with our signature pads and eSignature solutions.

Adding handwritten electronic signatures capture to this digital information delivers a truly paperless workflow that will not only reduce the costs associated with managing paper but will also create time savings that will allow staff to focus on serving customers.

Capturing electronic handwritten signatures is simple and easy with a Wacom signature pad. They easily attach to your laptop PC, plus they are small and extremely reliable. If your service team needs mobility, they can utilize Wacom’s sign pro PDF software, paired with a Wacom stylus, to capture signatures on forms and documents on Android, iOS or Windows-based mobile devices.

Organizations in the service industry can gain several advantages from implementing eSignatures:

  • Easily capture consent and approval prior to starting of service or for proof of services rendered.
  • While moving to a paperless system, customers can still sign for their services.
  • Eliminate document loss by digitally capturing it immediately.
  • Improve information availability by maintaining all documents electronically.

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