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Electronic Signatures Saves Time and Money

Electronic handwritten signatures increasingly being implemented for service contracts, purchase agreements, approvals, and applications.

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Going paperless closes deals quicker with eSignatures

We have helped many retailers and service providers streamline their checkout and payment processes with signature pads and necessary software or development tools. Not only will you save costs associated with paper, but your customers will appreciate the time savings, and your staff will have more opportunities for incremental sales, such as consumer financing options.

Wacom pays close attention to how easy our devices are to use, how the pen feels, how the digital ink flows, how clear the text and ink are displayed on the screen, how nice the devices look on your counters, and how long the system continues to perform and look like new. All of these factors go beyond the simple benefits of saving time and money by going paperless. They are about reinforcing your brand, as a quality service provider. Choosing Wacom signature pads and pen displays will convey that your company is environmentally conscious, appreciative of aesthetic design, and committed to excellent customer service.

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