Natural note taking goes digital

Taking handwritten notes digitally should be as easy and fast as it is on paper. Wacom Notes has you covered. But there’s more:

  • Easily search and organize your notes with a few keystrokes and your digital pen
  • Share your notes across multiple formats and devices
  • Access contextual information as you write using the Semantic Ink feature – no browser needed

Give Wacom Notes a try today on your Android or Windows 10/11 - free!

Fast, easy handwritten notes

The Wacom Notes app makes taking handwritten notes digitally natural and fast. It also makes sharing and using them across different documents easy. What's more, it has features that let you work even more efficiently.

For example, the lasso function lets you easily and quickly move your text elements around your document. Colors and highlighters let you emphasize important points and differentiate between topics to aid recall – without switching pens. And you can convert your notes into editable typed text with a couple of pen taps.

That means you can focus fully on efficient, organized, hassle-free note-taking.

Notes that never get lost.

All your notes made searchable

Wacom Notes makes everything you’ve written and saved quickly and completely searchable. No tagging. No manual cataloguing. Forgetting details and losing important ideas becomes a thing of the past.

Organize notes your way

Topics makes it easy to sort your notes by subject. What you do next is up to you: rename or export them into a new format. Whatever works best in your world, Wacom Notes makes it easy.

Notes that tell you more

Wacom Notes recognizes what you write, and gives you access to additional information with a single pen tip: Related words and phrases link to deeper details from Wikipedia. No need to switch to a browser – it’s all right there for you in your document. It’s called Semantic Ink, and it simply makes your notes smarter.*

*Semantic Ink requires to sign-in or create a Wacom ID with your personal data, and an internet connection.

Your notes, however and wherever you need them

Turn notes into typed text

Convert your handwritten notes seamlessly into typed text with the click of a button. So you can share your thinking with colleagues and friends more easily and more clearly.

Your notes in flexible formats

Paper notes aren’t flexible. With Wacom Notes, you can quickly export and share your notes in .txt, .doc, .pdf, .jpeg, .png, or .svg formats. It’s the ultimate in note-taking flexibility, making your notes more usable no matter what you need them for.

Your notes, accessible from anywhere

Not only can you export your notes in different formats, Wacom Notes lets you store and sync them online. This makes it easy to access and use them from anywhere on a range of Wacom and Windows/Android-powered devices. The choice is yours.

For education or at work

For students

Wacom Notes lets you use your notes more flexibly - in the classroom, while studying or when working with your classmates on projects. It's a tool that will quickly become part of your day-to-day process for thinking, learning and creating.

For working professionals

Wacom Notes integrates your handwritten notes seamlessly into your digital documents at work. Whether you're capturing ideas in a meeting, jotting down notes when taking a Zoom call from home or providing feedback on documents shared by colleagues - Wacom Notes enhances the way you work, every day.

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