Wacom for drawing

Manga style made easy

Whether your style is cute or scary, or something in-between, you'll love creating Manga with Wacom. Many of the popular manga and comic book artists use a Wacom pen tablet or creative pen display to tell their stories. Get the tools you need to create and bring your characters to life.

Perfect for what you do

Making manga and comics is fun! With the right tools, you can bring your ideas to life on the page and make your characters look fantastic. It's easier than you think when you're working on your computer with Intuos Manga.

Sketch and draw intuitively

Intuos Manga pairs the freedom of ink with digital convenience. The pressure-sensitive pen gives you a natural brushstroke, the same way you draw on paper. There's an endless array of digital brushes, colors, and effects right at your fingertips. No need to frequently replace supplies or clean up a studio. Sketch, ink, and color with one tool.

Revision just got easier

Ink can be a hassle to edit. Now you can make changes quickly and easily. Change the character or her whole world. Rearrange, copy, or remove panels. No need to start over.

Then publish your drawings straight to your favorite online gallery or social media site, like Pixiv or deviantART.

Next steps

Take your projects further. Once you've mastered drawing on a tablet, you're ready for more. Creating your own stories? Perfect them with digital editing and effects. Animating your artwork? Import and convert your drawings to easily manipulated vector graphics. Creating a graphic novel? Keep track of the whole thing in one place with story files. Intuos Manga supports you every step of the way.

Thinking about going pro? Practice makes perfect. Professional comic artists count on Wacom products for their versatility, digital quality, and ease of use. Graduate to the Cintiq line for another level of artist-focused features.

Software for manga design

Our pen tablets fully support creative software you already use. Art software lines - including Celsys, Adobe®, Corel® - all work beautifully with Wacom products.

Of course, creative applications fully support Wacom's touch and pressure-sensitive features. Wacom partners with illustrators and animators to design the tools they trust to realize worlds of art.

A perfect fit

Obviously, you're not limited to drawing manga! Wacom pen tablets work seamlessly across all kinds of media. Create wherever your mind takes you. Paint, sketch, draw, design, and so much more. You'll find Intuos Manga is a perfect fit—for your characters, your stories, and you.

Wacom products for comic and manga creation

Choose up to 4 products

Wacom MobileStudio Pro

An ultra high definition creative pen computer designed for creative professionals.

Wacom Cintiq Pro 16

An ultra high-definition pen display with multi-touch capabilities designed for creative professionals.

Wacom Intuos Pro Paper

A professional pen tablet with added paper-to-digital functionality available in medium and large sizes

Wacom Intuos Pro

A professional pen tablet with multi-touch capabilities available in small, medium and large sizes

Wacom Intuos

A pen tablet with a simply great pen experience. It couldn’t be easier.

Bamboo Ink

A smart stylus for writing, note-taking and annotating, for Windows Ink.

Bamboo Ink Plus

A smart stylus for annotating, drawing and sketching, for Windows Ink.

Wacom One (Gen. 1)

A high definition creative pen display designed for creative hobbyists and visual thinkers

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