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Anything you can do on a touch screen with your finger, you can now do with a Bamboo Stylus. But you can do it better and more precisely. Discover a clean, easy and more personal way realize the potential of your touch screen device. Choose the Bamboo™ Stylus that's right for you.

Smooth touch on any screen

No matter what kind of media tablet or smartphone you use – a Bamboo Stylus will boost its usability. Navigate with smooth, quick, more accurate strokes. Enjoy unlimited writing, note taking and doodling fun while your screen is kept absolutely smudge-free. It feels all natural and the results look great – in your own personal style.

True to your style – on screen or on paper

Anything you want to do with your writing and sketch noting, anywhere you like. A Bamboo Duo offers you all advantages of smooth touch screen stylus for note taking, handwriting and doodling, combined with an traditional ink pen when paper is a must. So carry just one device, the convenience of premium stylus for your media tablet and an ink pen for signing documents.

A premium, comfortable stylus that is also convenient.

Precision in every detail on your iPad

You love to capture your ideas and notes? With a Bamboo Fineline you'll love it even more. This high-precision stylus turns your iPad into a most convenient paper-like digital notepad. Anything you do on your touch screen comes out truly authentic and finely nuanced to every detail.

Capture and share ideas like never before

Your Bamboo Fineline is supported by leading PDF markup and note taking apps allowing you to instantly capture your thoughts, ideas and notes in an authentic, personalized manner. With Wacom Cloud services you can access your notes on any device. Turn your digital notepad to an even better and more productive tablet for business

Wacom products for capturing ideas

Choose up to 4 products

Bamboo Fineline

A smart stylus with pressure sensitivity designed for a natural writing experience on iOS touch devices

Bamboo Tip

A fine-tip stylus that gives you fidelity when taking notes exactly as you want on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Bamboo Duo

An essential two-in-one stylus perfect for those who want to smoothly tap, write or draw on all touchscreens and paper.

Bamboo Solo

An essential stylus that enables you to smoothly tap, write and draw on your tablet, smartphone or PC touchscreen.

Bamboo Alpha

A stylus for smudge-free navigation and quality performance on touch screens.

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