Professional work from hobby to use, provide ~ the best solution to stimulate the "Creative Mind"

As "Intuos" product line, Wacom Co., Ltd. is a wide range of newly integrated and advanced amateurs, enjoy a creative hobby users product line and past "Bamboo ®" tablet aimed at professional creators "Intuos" It provides a product substantial lineup to meet the creative needs of our customers. According to the change of product line, brush up in both ergonomics and basic performance of (human engineering considerations), in addition to the design which became slim addition, significantly reducing the power consumption of wireless features, comfortably for a long time now able to use. Intuos Pro "Intuos Pro" is a product line that has been developed as the best product to the creators of all professional illustrator, digital artists and designers, and photographers. In addition, it also allows you to work making people high amateur approach to professional creators.To sense the pen pressure level of 2,048 "grip pen" to achieve the drawing dense accurate by the slope detection ON and load of 1g, as drawn with a pen or brush to canvas. In addition, it is possible by multi-touch gestures advanced features easier to use, you can navigate, and you can determine the position and orientation of the work as I thought. The "Intuos Pro", inherits the experience of "Intuos5", can be set free to touch wheel and function keys or shortcut modifier key, accessible at the touch of a button.You can also it is possible without moving the line of sight by express views and radial menus, to perform a display and operation of the menu, to focus on creative work. You can operability can be improved with the function key to an improved easy to push, I adopt a universal design of symmetrical, regardless of the dominant arm of the user, to perform comfortably production work over a long period of time. Also, use the wireless kit provided, connection, work is possible even away from the computer (10m or less). Size deployed in three models of pen and touch of each size small, medium and large the "Intuos Pro". In addition to the medium size of the flagship model, responded to the request with a high amateur with a commitment to "design a little different around and" as "Intuos Pro Special Edition", I also offer premium models and stylish silver frame . Comes bundled with each of the "Adobe ® Photoshop ® Elements 11" and "Autodesk SketchBook ® Express" and "Intuos Pro". : Click here for more information about the new "Intuos Pro" series / Creative / Intuos-Pro Intuos evolved traditional "Bamboo" tablet, new "Intuos" work creative expression as a hobby and hobby user naturally, users want to have fun, it is a pen tablet that can be operated intuitively. Beyond the dimension of "can do on your computer that you did in pen and paper" simply, this machine, paint sketch to use the "computer, and fully demonstrate the creativity of individuals, Drawing, image is a tool "used to edit photos, greeting card design. It created a sensation as using a brush and traditional pen, pen flare shape that fits comfortably in the hand, Stokes creative impulse. In addition, the multi-touch function, it is possible and you to navigate, zoom and rotate the pieces to slide your finger on the screen, also be assigned to the four function keys features of commonly used applications. "Intuos" adopted the slim design of the metallic finish. Color pen and pen holder ring can be replaced to your liking. In addition, you can use the wireless kit of options, you can also remote control from a remote location. You can choose the entry model "Intuos Pen" and the (small) of the standard model "Intuos Pen & Touch" (Small, Medium) from the "Intuos". And "watercolor LITE", "photo 7" are bundled to be able to draw a picture on creative immediately either model. In addition, the "Adobe Photoshop Elements 11" "ArtRage 3.5 Studio" also provides the "Intuos Pen & Touch". In addition, I will be released at the same time Pen & Touch "Intuos Comic" (small, medium) of towards everyone of users who want to draw comics. Month license version is bundled or 24, which is a standard of comics, illustrations production of CELSYS company "CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO", to those professionals from those who start work in digital for the first time, the creative experience of the best immediately after your purchase invites you to. Still available as "CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT" is used after the period of "CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO". It is a package that fulfilling the bundled "Pixia" full set version, "watercolor LITE", also "photo 7". : Click here for more information about the new "Intuos" series / creative / intuos easily than, and for applications uses to draw a sketch of fine representation on the iPad, and you can stop drawing with the picture idea, announced on Tuesday, August 20, also "Intuos Creative Stylus", I join in the "Intuos" product lineup. "Intuos Creative Stylus" is a stylus pen that senses the pen pressure level of 2,048, drawing full-scale can be easily natural. In response to major creative application for the iPad, and then reproduce the operability and expressive, such as those drawn with markers and traditional brush. In addition, the product of creative for, and will continue to provide LCD pen tablet creative tablet, which was announced on Tuesday, August 20, and "Cintiq Companion" series also "Cintiq" series.Release Date and Price mass merchandisers nationwide and "Intuos", "Intuos Pro" ser