Wacom’s DTK-1651 pen display combines high resolution with small footprint, offering secure and paperless eDocuments solutions

The 15.6” Full HD resolution LCD pen display demonstrates Wacom’s drive to provide efficient and secure state-of-the-art solutions featuring Digital Ink


June 8, 2016 Tokyo, Japan  – Wacom Co., Ltd. today announced the latest product in its pen display portfolio, the DTK-1651. With a premium industrial design, the 15.6” Full HD pen display allows A4 and letter-sized eDocuments to be viewed, edited and signed without shrinking or scrolling. The DTK-1651 enables businesses as well as health and educational institutions to save money and go paperless, and offers best-in-class features for advanced performance.


Aimed at organisations such as banks, insurance, hospitals, colleges, hotels and retail stores, the DTK-1651 enables users to easily authorise and edit digital documents. For the banking and insurance industries, customers can securely sign documents shown at counters without scrolling or shrinking; healthcare professionals can improve patient communication by drawing and annotating on record charts, and presenters or teachers are able to face their audiences, adding impact to their material by drawing and annotating directly on screen.

Shigeki Komiyama, Executive Vice President of Wacom Co., Ltd  said: “Improving efficiency, security and costs has driven the product design of the DTK-1651. With this latest model, whose predecessor has proved hugely successful, Wacom continues to offer leading e-Documents solutions as demand increases in every kind of industry around the world, to make day-to-day efficiencies and improvements.”

The premium, space-saving design of the DTK-1651 offers a small footprint, catering to the increasing need for space. The sleek design and single 3-in-1 cable also means minimal clutter in the workplace or at point of sale, without compromising on ease of use and technology. Without the need for scrolling or minimising, the large display screen allows A4 or letter documents to be viewed in full in portrait and landscape modes. The ability to integrate with existing systems while being supported by Wacom’s Signature SDK software further enhances the usability.

Additional features of the DTK-1651 include state-of-the-art encryption and ExpressKeys for programming efficient shortcuts. Integrated stands support both landscape and portrait modes, while VESA mounting holes are included for use with Wacom´s optional stand or 3rd party arms or stands. Wacom’s innovative pen holder and pen compartment offer further accessibility for the user.

About Wacom

Founded in 1983, Wacom is a global company based in Japan (Tokyo Stock Exchange 6727) with subsidiaries and affiliate offices around the world to support marketing and distribution in over 150 countries. Wacom’s vision to bring people and technology closer together through natural interface technologies has made it the world’s leading manufacturer of interactive pen tablets and displays as well as of digital styli and solutions for saving and processing digital signatures. The advanced technology of Wacom’s intuitive input devices has been used to create some of the most exciting digital art, films, special effects, fashion and designs around the world and provides business and home users with leading interface technology to express their personality. Wacom’s eSignature solutions are utilised in a variety of application areas in which achieving a digital workflow with high-level security is crucial, such as: POS, ePayment, electronic passports, insurance, banking and hotel check-in.

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