Bamboo™ Paper 2.0: Your digital notebook

Bamboo Paper 2nd Gen

Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Paper has been updated for the iPad® in a major redesign. With version 2.0 the app has evolved substantially. It was already a lean, beautifully designed productivity app using notebooks. It has become a sophisticated and expressive digital notebook app.

Bamboo Paper now offers a wider range of drawing and writing tools, e.g. a watercolour brush or a pencil. Three additional notebook styles come with different sets of paper types and envision different use cases. A ‘Writer’ notebook for example may be used for note-taking or creative writing, whereas an ‘Artist’ notebook could be used for more elaborate sketching and drawing.

The app now also features near perfect palm-rejection, eliminating almost all accidental marks while sketching or drawing. Combined with the Intuos Creative Stylus, the new digital stylus from Wacom, Bamboo Paper provides an even more natural and intuitive drawing experience. The professional-grade pressure sensitivity of the pen enables natural pen-on-paper line drawing by changing stroke width dynamically in response to changes in stylus pressure.

The app is free, offering in-app purchases for three additional new notebooks, or four new tools (each priced at USD 0.99). Users can also get a ‘Creative pack’, which comes with all tools and the ‘Artist’ notebook as a free gift (priced at USD 3.99).

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