“Manipulate reality until it becomes your imagination.”

Robert Hranitzky, Creative Director

For Robert Hranitzky, photo restoration is worth getting engrossed in

As a freelance creative director and designer based in Munich, Germany, Robert Hranitzky places a strong focus on motion graphics design and animation – with projects ranging from showroom trailers to film projects and opening titles. Robert approaches every project with the same passion and enthusiasm for beautiful imagery and animation, whether it’s live action, 2D or 3D animation, or a combination thereof. He has worked with clients such as Wacom, Adobe, Elgato, Mammut, Audi, BMW, Adobe, Carl Zeiss, Rohde & Schwarz and Apple. 

Although Robert doesn’t consider himself a professional photographer, he finds himself doing a lot of photography, image editing, photo restoration, and colorizing black and white photography. Besides working as a creative director, the artist shares his knowledge and experience as a frequent speaker at conferences, exhibitions and art shows around the world.

Robert Hranitzky demonstrates colorizing black and white photography with this photo restoration tutorial.

Remember your grandmother’s favorite dress? It wasn’t really black-and-white, was it? We will show you how to bring back the beauty of times gone by with photo restoration.

Just imagine colorizing black and white photography to reveal brilliant, natural colors. Colorized portraiture is the perfect present for family members and friends alike. Our photo restoration tutorial gives you a simple step-by-step guidance to get the result you want - just with the help of Adobe Photoshop and professional artist Robert Hranitzky.

- Add realistic skin tones to colorize a memorable portrait in Photoshop.

- Use photo editing tools to create natural shades of greens and browns which give old landscapes depth and beauty.

- Bring out individual complexion, hair color and clothing to get a clearer picture of people in old group pictures.

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