The pen tablet that works the way you do: The new Wacom Intuos Pro

For many artists and designers, creative expression starts on paper with the help of a favourite pencil, pen or brush. Only after starting their concepts on paper and scanning the results do artists and designers fire up their computers and start their digital workflow. But what if one could skip the scanning step and have editable, digital ink versions of sketches available at the touch of a button with the power to refine and complete the sketches later with Wacom’s most natural pen tablet experience? Enter the new Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition - the pen tablet that works the way you do.

Tokyo, Japan and London, UK. – 5 January 2017 – Today, Wacom presents its new Intuos Pro and Intuos Pro Paper Edition of pen and touch tablets to the global creative community and they will be shown for the first time at the ShowStoppers event during CES on January 5th, from 6PM to 10PM, at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new generation Intuos Pro provides a wealth of new features and benefits to artists, designers and photographers who demand the very best from their creative tools. The new Pro Pen 2 anchors the overall creative experience with enhanced pressure-sensitivity and precision, but it’s the Intuos Pro Paper Edition that really stands out by giving users the ability to incorporate paper into their creative workflow. Ink-on-paper drawings are captured and stored digitally on board the Intuos Pro Paper Edition and can be refined later on the tablet with any compatible layered raster or vector software application. Gone are the days of tedious and time-consuming scanning.


“We know it’s challenging to bring ideas to life when the tools lack the ability to easily unlock the potential of creative minds,” said Masahiko Yamada, President and Chief Executive Officer of Wacom. “That is what the new Intuos Pro does. It offers a way to start the creative process by adapting to any workflow so users feel empowered as they dare to build a more creative world.”


The Intuos Pro family of pen and touch tablets are born from customer feedback, with special focus on the importance paper plays in the creative process and the desire to have a seamless connection with the digital side of the creative workflow. The Intuos Pro Paper Edition boasts all the same amazing features as the Intuos Pro, but the Paper Edition model adds a Paper Clip (to attach the artists’ favourite drawing paper), pressure-sensitive Finetip gel ink pen and the Wacom Inkspace App to convert drawings for use with leading creative software applications. Besides exporting your paper sketches to layered raster and vector formats, the Inkspace app environment also users to easily share and store their Artwork.


Slim Design and Advanced Functions

Less than half an inch thick, the next-generation Intuos Pro is the slimmest of its kind and more compact than the previous version, offering the same sized active area in a smaller overall footprint. The Intuos Pro occupies very little desk space and is easy to carry in a backpack or laptop bag for the daily commute or a business trip. It comes equipped with anodized aluminium backing, a smaller pen stand with 10 nibs and a new pen case. Both sizes of the Intuos Pro, medium and large, use a TouchRing, Multi-Touch and eight ExpressKeys™ for the creation of customised shortcuts to speed up the creative workflow.

“Wacom is dedicated to helping artists harness inspiration and capture ideas,” added Masahiko Yamada. “With the Intuos Pro and Intuos Pro Paper Edition, creative professionals will be able to evolve their ideas easily from inspiration, to expression, to impact.”


Premier Pen Technology

The new Wacom Pro Pen 2 comes with the Intuos Pro and Intuos Pro Paper Edition, for the best Wacom pen experience to date. The Pro Pen 2 features four times the pressure sensitivity than the former Pro Pen, delivering 8,192 levels of pressure to support a natural and intuitive creative process.

The recently released Wacom Finetip Pen, included with the Intuos Pro Paper Edition, provides smooth-gel ink and unparalleled precision. Designed for those who begin their creative process on paper, the Finetip lets users visually depict ideas that are automatically digitised. Users can also select a Ballpoint Pen as an optional purchase.


Configuration, Pricing and Availability

Available in medium and large models, Intuos Pro is Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with Macs and PCs. The Intuos Pro comes with the Wacom Pro Pen 2, pen stand and features eight ExpressKeys™, a TouchRing and multi-touch gesture control. The Intuos Pro Medium ($349.95 USD, £329.99 GBP, €379.90 EUR) and Large ($499.95 USD, £449.99 GBP, €529.90 EUR) will be available in January.

Intuos Pro Paper Edition will contain added features as a bundled package to enable paper-to-digital creation. The Intuos Pro Paper Edition Medium ($399.95 USD, £379.99 GBP, €429.90 EUR) and Large ($549.95 USD, £499.99 GBP, €599.90 EUR) will be available in January.

*Prices in EUR and GBP include VAT

The Intuos Pro product line has long been an essential part of Art, Design and Photography programmes worldwide. The unique capabilities of the Intuos Pro Paper Edition can help students master both traditional pen on paper drawing skills and the full range of 2D and 3D digital content creation. For information on education pricing, qualified schools, colleges and universities can contact their local Wacom sales office.


About Wacom

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