Connect and share thrills of “digital pen & ink experiences” across devices and over the cloud

Wacom’s cloud based services offer a convenient and easy way to store images and creative works, or share settings between devices.

In November 2014, Wacom introduced cloud based services” Dropzone” and “Control Room” that offer fast and easy access to various images and share your devices’ personal settings respectively, in an increasingly mobile environment.

Offering up to 2GB of free storage, “Dropzone” enables users to save images of their creative works in the cloud so that they can be accessed via various different devices anywhere, anytime. “Control Room” is a storage service to let users of Wacom pens, tablets and displays to save their device settings, offering a convenient avenue of copying the setting data to a different device of the same type, when users want to utilize their familiar settings on other devices. Both “Dropzone” and “Control Room” are free of charge and easy to use, and work independently from other existing services, regardless of OS.

“In light of customers’ feedback and the accelerating trend of integrating digital pen & ink features into various devices and software, it is evident that more and more people work on the go or across multiple platforms. To make shifting from one device to the other easier, the new Wacom Cloud services provide users with an easy-to-use, secure digital hub for their images and familiar device settings,” said Heidi Wang, Vice President of Technology Marketing at Wacom.

The two services are Wacom’s first step into the cloud that will, in the future, provide a means to connect multiple devices with shared features in a comprehensive, open and user-friendly way. During the course of this year, Wacom is planning to introduce more cloud based services which offer increased convenience and effectiveness for users in capturing, creating and sharing creative ideas across multiple devices.

For both services a Wacom Cloud account is needed. Users can sign up at where they can also download “Dropzone” as native app for iOS, Windows and Mac OS.