【プレスリリース】 ワコム、デジタルスタイラスペンを搭載したタッチパッド、「Bamboo® Pad」を新発売

Wacom Co., Ltd. will release multi-touch gestures on a PC can be, can be memos and drawings in digital stylus pen that comes with the revolutionary "Bamboo Pad". "Bamboo Pad" is a touch pad that can be operated comfortably multi-touch gestures. The slim body lean, which is designed on the basis of ergonomics, I am not tired even if I use it for a long time. In Windows 8 compatibility is good, to achieve naturally in "Bamboo Pad" on the operation of the OS standard in particular. "Bamboo Pad" is characterized by the digital pen stylus pen technology Wacom's own, Wacom feel IT technologies ® of (feel ™) equipped, and can even handwriting input. It can also be described effectively important points of the presentation and also other highlight or apply point calibration and by writing directly on the digital stylus pen that comes with a simple illustration.You can also put a sign unique to e-mail and leave the memory of sending partner. In addition, it automatically senses the pen, do not enter hand touching the pad by the "Palm rejection feature", you can pen input naturally by placing hand pad to write on paper. It has both a digital stylus pen that is easy to write and touch smooth operation backed by the technology "Bamboo Pad", you can enjoy in various scenes and to demonstrate the creativity of individuals in the office environment. In addition, from the Windows Store, as a free download handy app "Bamboo Page" (corresponding only Windows 8), available with "Bamboo Pad" to your notes and drawing. (Coming soon) : click here For more information about "Bamboo Pad" / everyday / bamboo-pad "Bamboo Pad" is compatible with Mac as well as 7 or Windows 8. You can choose from five models of USB model (metallic gray-black) (gray metallic black, pearl white, blue, pearl white, green, pearl white, purple) and wireless models. In 7 or Windows 8, without having to install a driver, it is available immediately. The (. You need to install the. Driver support in OS 10.7 or later Mac), stylus pen "Bamboo Stylus feel" series can also be used. Release Date and Pricemass merchandisers nationwide and "Bamboo Pad" will be on sale at the Wacom Store ( from Friday 13 September. «Wacom Store reference price»

Bamboo Pad, wireless 7,980 yen (tax included)
Bamboo Pad, USB 4,980 yen (tax included)

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