Wacom’s Inkspace and Bamboo Spark App now offer ink to text conversion

Export to text file format now allows for working on notes in all standard office applications

Las Vegas, USA - 5 January 2016 (CES 2016) - Digitising handwritten notes with Wacom’s recently introduced Bamboo Spark smart folio obviously hit a nerve. “People love the idea of writing notes on paper that they can then share digitally”, says Mike Gay, Senior Vice President for the Consumer Product Business Unit. “That is why we decided to further enhance the usability by adding an ink to text conversion function.” 

Creating standard text files from handwritten notes in the Bamboo Spark App is a simple export to text function, sitting in the application. It also allows older files stored in the app to be converted to text files. Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL) offers this option. WILL-format files can easily be converted to text files. “We know, that people want to work on their ideas on all platforms they are normally using”, Faik Karaoglu, Senior Vice President of the Wacom Platforms & Apps Business Unit, says. “With the new ink to text conversion, refining of handwritten notes in standard office applications is now possible.” The ink to text function needs an active connection to the Wacom Cloud, as the conversion takes place in Inkspace.


Seamless workflow for increased productivity

Inkspace is the central hub for all digital ink files in the Wacom Cloud. It is here where the Bamboo Spark smart folio and Bamboo Paper note taking app connect to and automatically synch and save handwritten notes and sketches. Inkspace also offers a search function that allows users to dig up single words, phrases or stings of text and helps users manage their handwritten notes produced with the Bamboo Spark app. Search results pop up as  thumbnails including an excerpt of the file and the date of creation. Ink to text conversion is supported in 13 languages: English, Japanese (incl. vertical orientation), German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. “We see this version of ink to text conversion as a beta-version”, Karaoglu says. “Before adding more features, we want to learn from our customers, what is essential and what might still be missing. On that basis, we will continue developing.” The version available now is free to use for a limited trial period. It will later turn into a paid premium feature.

Bamboo Paper now available for Android smartphones

As of CES 2016, Bamboo Paper is also available for Android operated smartphones and supports Windows 10, bringing the multi-platform approach to completion. The update also includes a refresh of the look and feel, adopting the Bamboo brand appearance, that was launched in autumn. Ink to text conversion for notes made with Bamboo Paper is planned for a future update of the app and Inkspace.

Wacom Marketplace

The Internet of Ink grows with more applications, features and services being available – opening a chance for sharing, communication, collaboration, and business. Wacom’s Platforms & Apps Expert Karaoglu: “We are building an integrated online marketplace for software, service, apps and hardware. It is designed around our customers’ needs and will give them a unique place to find everything they need in the area of creativity and digital stationery, only one sign up and one click away.”

The marketplace will include offers from various partners in one shop related to digital ink and stationery. “Today, customers expect seamless integration and usability between the applications they use,” says Daniel Saks, CEO at AppDirect, the leader in cloud service commerce. AppDirect is partnering with Wacom to develop the new marketplace which will go live in early summer 2016. “By partnering with Wacom, we’re helping them deliver a superior customer experience that allows their customers to find the creative tools they demand faster and easier than ever before.”

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