Wacom Launches Next Generation of Signature Pads

STU 530 and 430 

Two New Models Deliver Best-in-Class Features for Electronic Signature Applications

Today Wacom expands its industry-leading Signature Pad portfolio with the introduction of its two latest models, the STU-530 and the STU-430. This next generation of signature pads is optimal for supporting digital business workflows that need to capture handwritten signatures to authorize or confirm business processes. Banks, healthcare facilities, insurance companies, and other businesses can increase operational efficiencies, mitigate compliance risks and reduce costs associated with handling paper documents.

For those businesses which perform customer facing transactions for contracts, consent forms and other critical documents can save time and money by moving to a paperless workflow with Wacom’s electronic signature solutions,” said John de Olde, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager for Wacom Co., Ltd.. “There is a very quick and lasting return on investment in the form of reduced costs for paper, printing supplies, document transportation, and archival storage. Furthermore, customers and employees can utilize the benefits from a workflow that is simple, fast, secure and completely natural.”

The STU-530 features a 5” high-quality, high-resolution colour LCD screen that is ideal for businesses wanting to utilise the Signature Pad for advertising, promotions or branding while sitting idle. Additionally, the STU-530 provides a generous area for text and signing. The STU-430 has a monochrome LCD display that at 4.5” is large enough to easily accommodate soft buttons in addition to the signature area. Both new products are extremely durable, featuring Wacom’s patented maintenance-free EMR technology and a hardened glass surface that protects the LCD screen and is highly resistant to scratches.

Optimised pen technology, delivering legally binding biometric profiles

Both pads offer a very comfortable signing experience with an improved, thin design and a low-profile, flat surface. The pen is cordless and battery-free – removing physical restrictions of wired pens and enhancing the natural writing experience for the user while providing excellent reliability and durability. The pads also feature a convenient integrated holder to rest the pen when not in use.

The pen technology for the STU-530 and STU-430 delivers an industry-leading 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity that can capture a signature’s pressure profile as part of the unique biometric profile during the signing process. State of the art encryption is included to ensure that transactions are performed safely and securely, and each unit is assigned a unique hardware ID in order to determine the exact unit that was used for a particular signature.

Both Signature Pads include additional features that provide added convenience. The pen holder doubles as a USB cable lock to prevent accidental disconnection of the USB cable. The pen is not required to be tethered but can be to prevent loss. An integrated security lock slot prevents theft at counters and points-of-sale. Lastly, there is also the option to connect external USB devices such as fingerprint readers directly adjacent to the unit using the same USB cable.

John de Olde, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager for Wacom Co., Ltd. comments “The STU-430 and STU-530 new design meets the market requirements for a modern, robust, ergonomic and reliable Signature Pad”, states John. “Both the STU-430 and STU-530 can be easily integrated into single desktop applications or more advanced and complex system architectures, capturing handwritten electronic signatures as images or with biometric profiles while at the same time providing the advantages of a digital workflow.”

Pricing and availability
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