“What made me who I am today isn't about being talented but about my 'Never Give Up' attitude.”

Crystal Kung, Illustrator

Illustrator Crystal Kung designs characters with stereotypical, yet strikingly unique features

Born in China in 1994, Crystal Kung was and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. The young artist is currently studying 3D animation in Taipei, but her passion lies in painting and drawing, which is what she truly excels in. In her spare time Crystal works as a freelance illustrator and cartoon artist, and most of her images feature people she has met on the street or depict stories she has invented.

Crystal was rightfully nominated for several design awards and has been featured in Frrresh Visual Arts Magazine among others. At the age of 16 the artist got her first Wacom tablet and immediately started creating digital arts with Photoshop, which she mostly taught herself. Unlike most illustrators in Taiwan, her characters and curves lean more towards the "western style" rather than Manga. Her amazing amalgamation of styles and limitless creative ideas will captivate you.

Line work, shadow, light, color: Crystal Kung shows you what to focus on when drawing an illustration of a 1920s Shanghai lady.

Exclusively for you, Taipei-based Crystal Kung has designed an intriguing illustration of a typical Shanghai lady from the 1920s. In this tutorial the young artist describes her creative production process step by step, placing an emphasis on light and shadow as well as color and line work.

To Crystal, shadows are what brings out the light and makes her characters look more three-dimensional ... Use this insightful eBook to enhance your workflow as an artist and also as a valuable guide to creating intriguing illustrations full of zeitgeist.

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