Designer Package

In every detail of life,designers can be a burst of infinite inspiration. To catch the moment of inspiration and integrate into the part of design, we have to rely on traditional tools and both the modern technology. Our new star in fashion design industry,Lilian Kanto share the creative process and how to use the Wacom Inkling digital pen and CinitQ24HD pressure sensitive display, to finish her design work.

We do design too and we understand the needs of the designers. Wacom launched the DesignerPackage and offer special offer to all the people who loves to design and create. Now go to Wacom official website to order can enjoythe following crazy discount:

1. CintiQ21UX Original Price$21,000 + Free a set of Inkling($1490) Save $4,490 Crazy SaleOnly $18,000.

2. CintiQ24HD Original Price$25,800 + Free a set of Inkling ($1490) Save $4,790 Crazy Sale Only$ 22,500.

3. Intuos5 touch medium (PTH-650)(*supports Wacom Wireless Accessory Kit)Cost $2950 + ADD $800 can redeem a set of Inkling.

Crazy sales from 1st June to 30st June, 2012, All stocks are limited.
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