Wacom launches its new generation Bamboo™ styli

Today, Wacom introduces its new line up of Bamboo styli. Bamboo Stylus solo and Bamboo Stylus duo are second-generation, improved versions of the popular range of digital styli first introduced in 2011.

The Bamboo Stylus solo is a stylus for touchscreen devices , including the iPad®, that has a protective cap added in the latest version. The Bamboo Stylus duo is a two-in-one solution offering both a stylus for touchscreens and a ballpoint pen for paper use. Additional to these second-generation models, Wacom offers the Bamboo Stylus alpha as an affordable entry addition to the range, which looks and feels like a pen.

Styli with style

Bamboo Stylus solo and Bamboo Stylus duo offer a best-in-class pen-like experience in an elegant, premium design. The soft touch finish body and an elegant polished anodised aluminium cap in matching colours sets these styli apart from others on the market. Both versions come in a range of vibrant colours; pink, green, yellow and blue, which add a touch of fun to the user’s tablet or smartphone. In addition to the four colour variations, the duo and solo as well as the alpha come in a black and a white version. The modern design incorporating premium materials and advanced ergonomics exudes Wacom quality that really sets it apart.

Improved writing and sketching

In-use, the experience of precision is improved by a slimmer rubber nib (5 mm) for the solo and duo. The body of the stylus feels solid and stable when in the user’s hand. Writing, doodling or navigating on a touch screen becomes even more natural and authentic than before. “While touch is still the primary input method on most smartphones or tablets, the stylus has now found its place amongst users”, says Rüdiger Spohrer, vice president marketing EMEA. “Styli bring a more accurate and precise way of taking notes in meetings or classrooms, sketching out rough ideas while on the go or adding handwritten elements to visual messages with suitable apps – like Wacom´s own Bamboo Loop, for example, or Bamboo Paper, which lets users capture ideas and thoughts anywhere, anytime”, he adds. “Wacom continues to make use of its extensive 30 years experience in developing these styli.”

Availability and pricing

The second-generation Bamboo Stylus solo and Bamboo Stylus duo as well as the newly introduced Bamboo Stylus alpha will be available in Wacom´s eStore as of today.
The Bamboo Stylus duo is priced at 24.99 GBP, the Bamboo Stylus solo at 16.99 GBP, and the Bamboo Stylus alpha costs 12.99 GBP.

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