Putting a Lid on eWaste

At Wacom, we're taking steps to improve our workplace and our products so that they make less of an impact on our natural environment. We encourage our customers to recycle our product packaging and any used electronics, including computers, monitors, and televisions.

You're just steps away from protecting our wonderful planet.

Many states have collection programs that recycle electronic components, instead of disposing of them in landfills, so when your Wacom product reaches its time for retirement, we ask that you seek out information on a program near you.

Wacom Technology, as a manufacturer of electronic monitors, is subject to and fully compliant with ewaste legislation in various states. Depending on where you live, we will provide either a link to local recycling resources in your state or quick instructions for Wacom's take back program. The take back program is free to consumers.

Wacom Mailback Program

Important Info for Maryland Residents

A free shipping box can be obtained by emailing ewaste@wacom.com,
or by calling our toll-free number 1.800.922.6613.

Important Info for New York Residents

The New York Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act require manufacturers of covered electronic equipment to operate recycling programs for their covered electronic devices. Covered electronic equipment includes desktop computers, portable computers, computer monitors, keyboards, mice, small electronic equipment (e.g., MP3 players/iPods, DVD players, cable boxes video game consoles), small-scale servers, facsimile machines (less than 100 pounds), scanners (less than 100 pounds), printers (less than 100 pounds) and televisions.

Recycling of Wacom Branded Products in New York

Any questions? Please contact us by emailing ewaste@wacom.com,
or by calling our toll-free number 1.800.922.6613.

Information on Data Sanitization

Prior to recycling your hardware, you may want to consider the need to remove any data it contains. A number of Federal and/or state laws may affect your need to adequately sanitize data that may be contained on your hardware device. Please use the resources listed here to assist you in your data sanitization decisions.


A number of resources concerning data sanitization are available on the web by performing a search. Here are links to two resources. The first provides a broad background on data sanitization. The second provides a software download that can be used for data sanitization (one of many available on the web).

NIST Data Sanitization Information

KillDisk Data Sanitization Software

Virginia Annual Report

Download PDF report


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