Wacom presents Japan Online Week

Join Wacom and its partners Celsys, Pixiv and SSS by applibot for this free digital event with 3 days of online workshops, presentations, and discussion on Japanese art culture, and anime-art, live from 21-23 July 2020.

Tokyo, Japan / Dusseldorf, Germany – 17 July 2020 – The creative community around the world had to forego many manga events that were canceled due to Covid19. To offer at least a little bit of relief, Wacom has partnered with Celsys, Pixiv and Japan-based design studio SSS by applibot to bring manga fans a 3-day purely digital online event held on Zoom. A total of 9 sessions will hosted by top manga and anime artists, talking about their art, the creative processes and techniques, as well as the rich cultural background of Japanese manga and anime art.

Japan Online Week takes place on 21, 22 and 23 July, with 3 sessions per day. It is the first fully online, Wacom owned event in EMEA region. Aimed at offering a unique digital experience to the creative community, Wacom and its partners have brought together one of the most impressive line-ups in a Manga related event. The featured artists include ISSSAI, NAJI Yanagida, PALOW., Laia Lopez, BUNBUN, Mai Yoneyama, Tenjin, Sarajean Chung, Laovaan and Mitsuhiro Arita.

The closing session will be held by Wacom's CEO & President Nobu Ide and Executive VP Faik Karaoglu. This session will take place on Thursday, 23 July, at 4 PM (CEST). The full schedule including additional information on the individual artists and the topics of their presentation can be found on the Japan Online Week event page.

Meet fascinating artists and enjoy a special offer

Wacom and partners invite all manga fans to join this free 3-day event. Taking part is as easy as going to Japan Online Weekand registering for individual sessions. Participants of Japan Online Week are eligible for a SPECIAL OFFER giving customers 15% discount on select creative pen displays and tablets valid in Wacom's European e-store.


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