Wacom introduces the new STU-541 – the most secure Wacom signature pad

 STU 541

19.09.2017. The new Wacom STU-541 adds another layer of security to the industry leading family of signature pads. For the first time, a Wacom product features TLS (transport layer security) encryption, an industry standard used widely for securing TCP links across the internet. This makes it Wacom´s most secure signature pad.

This security is created by the authorization of the communication between the host PC and the STU-541. Any USB-connected device features a small risk of attacks through the replacement of the USB cable by one with active circuitry. This could lead to an interception of the data and consequent fraud. The STU-541 eliminates this possibility by fully authenticating the communication between the signature pad and the host PC before every session.

The authentication between the STU-541 and the host PC is accomplished using certificates and key exchanges. Each STU-541 unit includes a factory-installed certificate from an authorized Certificate Authority (CA).

In addition to this outstanding security standard, the STU-541 brings many of the advantages that customers have come to appreciate in the STU-540, which is already marketed. Its 5’’, high resolution LCD colour display presents the visualization of the signature or promotional images in a clear, easy-to-read way. The hardened durable cover glass is extremely robust and provides a natural, paper-like feel that reduces the light reflection. The integrated pen compartment with the vertical pen holder secures a very convenient pen handling. Its robustness is also supported by the protected cable connection, which is stabilized by a hinged door. This makes the cable more durable and prevents accidental disconnection.

The STU-541 includes WILL (Wacom Ink Layer Language) rendering for the clearest and most accurate visual representation of handwritten strokes on the screen.

Developers who wish to integrate support for the STU-541 into their applications, different SDK solutions are available. The SDK also enables companies to use specific certificates from a CA of their choice.


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