Wacom Hosts“Connected Ink” in Shanghai, Event Promotes Cross-industry Adoption of Digital Ink and Digital Stationery

Shanghai, China - May 12, 2016 - Wacom today hosts “Connected Ink” in Shanghai, China with the aim of promoting broader industry adoption of digital ink and digital stationery across multiple platforms and ecosystems through collaboration with companies across a range of sectors.

“Our drive is the vision of a world alive with creativity, where people can freely explore and express new ideas,” said Masahiko Yamada, President & CEO of Wacom.  “Human beings started to use ink over 30,000 years ago and ink has been an essential creative tool for us ever since, helping people capture inspiration, express emotions, share ideas and thoughts for generations.  Creativity makes us human and it is the source of joy and aspiration in our lives.  I would say Ink is the most powerful creative tool in human history.”

In that respect, it is not far-fetched to say that digital ink is all around us, used in various ways from art and literature through to commerce, education, academia, mathematics, science, engineering, and architecture.  Wacom has always been behind the scenes of digital ink in such fields for over 30 years with its pen tablets and digital pen solutions.  Drawing on the latest technologies and industry trends such as 3D printing and cloud services, Wacom believes in the “The Power of Digital Ink” which allows people to become even more creative, productive and communicative, using digital ink more frequently and simply.

Potential partners include manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and IT devices, digital pen or styli and stationery (pens and notebooks), display makers, pen and touch solution providers, OS and independent software developers, cloud service companies, user groups and researchers.

Wacom is here in China, the birthplace of one of the oldest and most sophisticated civilizations in human history, to reach out to new partners who are interested in being part of this exciting new chapter.

The Connected Ink event on May 12 will feature a series of presentations and demonstrations by senior Wacom executives in charge of key building blocks of digital stationery.

Heidi Wang, VP responsible for Portfolio Management & Technology Marketing will explain the universal digital ink technology called “WILL” which will transform how we handle creative ideas in the future and offer completely new ways of communication. 

Nobu Ide, SVP of Technology Solution will talk about what Wacom can offer to realize the best digital inking experience for everyone, tapping into the partnership called Universal Pen Framework, pen cartridges and pen ID utilization. 

Faik Karaoglu, SVP of Platform & Applications will elaborate on “Wacom Marketplace” Wacom’s one-stop shop for consumers, creative professionals and businesses to access a wide variety of applications and services, developed and offered by Wacom or partner companies, to maximize the benefits of digital ink.

Also planned in the event is a panel discussion by executives of participating companies about the future of digital ink, ink standards and the impact of ink on our daily lives.


About Wacom

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Wacom’s products have been used by loyal customers to create some of the most exciting digital art, films, special effects, fashion and product designs. They have also played a significant role in making technology accessible in a natural and intuitive way through pen tablets, interactive pen displays, digital interface solutions, stylus products and creative companions. These all make it possible for everyone to express their creativity in digital media, whether artists, business executives or people enjoying everyday creativity.  Wacom’s interface technologies are offered as OEM solutions to leading manufacturers of tablet devices, smartphones and PCs.

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