Wacom offers support to humanitarian crisis in Ukraine 

Together with our colleagues, customers, communities, and partners from around the world, our entire team is watching the evolving humanitarian crisis in Ukraine with great concern.

It pains us to see how many people are having to flee their homes in search of safety and how many lives are being torn apart. Violence and displacement are terrible experiences for all, especially for children. Our thoughts, hearts and prayers are with those affected by the conflict.

To support people forced to flee their homes, we will be donating 30 million yen (approx. USD 261,000) to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. With this support they can continue to protect and help all affected populations in Ukraine and countries in the region.

In addition, Wacom has decided to create the “Stand Together Fund” of 20 million yen (approx. USD 174,000) within the company, to facilitate region oriented support activities - in the hopes of offering relief, dialogue, and peace.

Wacom is suspending shipments to the region due to the current situation.