Wacom’s New Pen Solution Strategy and Features of the Active ES (Electrostatic) Digital Pen

(March 11, 2014 – Tokyo, Japan)  As smartphones and tablet devices rapidly expand its category, touch control has become a standard way of interaction for “consuming contents” like choosing a menu.  On the other hand, handwriting input with a digital pen has become widely known for its convenience and effectiveness when it comes to “creating contents” like generating and sharing ideas.

Wacom’s component business has been focused on supplying EMR® (Electro-Magnetic Resonance) pens on an OEM basis, which enables most natural, precise and speedy pen input with pressure sensitivity.  This pen type is ideal for writing small characters as well as drawing detailed sketches.  Also, this technology does not require a battery in the pen, and suitable for long-time usage as primary input device or for building into a mobile product.  Wacom will keep enhancing this technology to provide more advanced features and benefits to our customers in the future.

Moreover, Wacom is fully aware that demands for simpler, less expensive pen solution are increasing. To  meet such user needs, Wacom has developed new “Active ES(Electrostatic)” and “Passive ES” solutions as new technology line-up. With these in place, Wacom will start offering 3 (three) pen solutions including the EMR technology.

Among the total pen solutions portfolio, the “Active ES” digital pen includes the following characteristsics, and will start shipping in fiscal year 2014.


1) Excellent performance incorporating accumulated expertise on multi-touch and pen input technologies
・Utilize assets from EMR such as pen pressure detection and data exchange Speedy and accurate control and natural writing feel with accurate traceability Hovering feature equivalent to EMR
・New controller IC which handles pen/touch input signals simultaneously

2) High levels of perfection supported by long-standing expertise on digital pen development and manufacturing
・Optimization of exterior design, material choice and writing feel etc.
・Mass manufacturing capability of high quality products using automated pen production facilities

3)Pen ID (identification) features
・ Each pen is capable of having a unique ID, suitable for file sharing/editing via the cloud.  Security enhancement is also possible. 


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