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Capture electronic handwritten signatures using mobile devices

Pen-enabled mobile devices have become standard business tools in organizations of all kinds. In particular, field staff and their customers value the ability to complete forms, annotate documents and sign papers electronically. These digital document workflows enhance organizational process efficiency while retaining the familiar user experience that people prefer.

The Wacom SDK for signature makes it easy to integrate support for electronic handwriting into any pen-enabled mobile device running iOS, Android or Windows. Wacom styli make it easy for service and maintenance professionals, insurance agents and many other categories of mobile employee to enter data and capture customer commitments on these devices.


WILL™ SDK for signature

The WILL™ SDK for signature allows stunning signature capture and display on any supported pen-enabled mobile device in a wide range of use cases across financial services, legal processes, sales transactions, and many other scenarios.

The WILL™ SDK for signature also contains Signature Library Lite, which can be accessed for free by customers who require the basic signature functionality we have always provided for Wacom devices.

The WILL™ SDK for signature gives you all the tools you need to:

  • Capture biometric handwritten signatures within applications on Wacom STU series pen displays, pen tablets and other mobile devices running Windows, iOS or Android.
  • Accurately render stunning digital ink based on electronic pen inputs within any document
  • Easily integrate digital signature capture into any document workflow
  • Display dialog boxes and capture full biometric electronic signature data that can be leveraged for a range of exciting new use cases.

The SDK for signature is available to use for free until your application is ready to be launched commercially. At this point, you must purchase a commercial license.


Signature Library Lite

Signature Library Lite supports the capture of biometric handwritten signatures using any of Wacom's signature pads, pen tablets or pen displays. This SDK requires minimal effort to integrate, and automatically renders digital ink, displays dialog boxes, and captures full biometric signature data.

Included within the paid commercial version of the SDK for signature, Signature Library Lite is available to use separately for free. However, the following restrictions apply:

  • For use with Wacom devices only
  • No software updates will be provided
  • Does not include advanced functionality including, for example, support for signature verification based on ISO certification.

For more information and to download the SDK for signature and/or Signature Library Lite, visit here.

Supported Features 

Signature Library Lite

WILL SDK for Signature

Supported HW  

      Signature Pads



      Wacom pen displays



      Non-Wacom pen enabled devices


.FSS  signature file and Simple Signing Window



 ISO Support (ISOIEC 19794-7 Standard)


 Encryption (as defined by ISOIEC 19794-7 Standard)



Other New Features when available

Premium Support hours





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