Wacom Expands Its Digital Pen Technology Line-up Offering Total Pen Solution for the Age of “Digital Stationery”

(March 11, 2014 – Tokyo, Japan)  Since its foundation in 1983, Wacom Co., Ltd has been committed to fostering creative needs of people under the motto “for a creative world”.  While maintaining its leading position in pen tablets for computer graphics, Wacom has been providing its unique pen & multi-touch components for mobile products such as smartphones and tablet devices, on an OEM basis.

As smartphones and tablets rapidly spread across the globe these days, touch input and control has become the norm in operating such devices.  On the other hand, hand-writing input has gained increasing attention as a tool for expression of creativity and lively communication. To meet such needs, today’s smartphones and tablets support hand-writing features.  Looking at the latest six months between September 2013 and February 2014, as many as 11 (eleven) new products adopting Wacom‘s components were launched by the OEM customers (List of applicable products from page 2). 

Wacom expands its digital pen technology line-up to accelerate this trend of using pens on mobile products, and to realize an environment in which people can readily and freely enjoy handwriting as standard features.  This time, Wacom is adding 2 (two) new kinds of Electrostatic pen technologies in addition to the current EMR type,  Wacom will strive to become “a total pen solution provider” consisting of the 3 (three) distinct types of technologies as listed below, to cover wide-ranging usages from “heavy use” to “light use”.  Wacom will start supplying the newly added electrostatic pens during this year.

1)EMR®(Electro-Magnetic Resonance)Type
The unique technology originated from Wacom’s pen tablets which enable natural, precise and speedy pen input with highly accurate pressure sensitivity.  And battery-less design allows for compact pen to be stored into a smartphone device.  Best suited for “heavy users” who use the pen regularly for long time in writing small character and drawing detailed sketches at schools and offices.

2)Active Electrostatic Type
Sharing the same touch controller IC for pen and touch inputs, this pen type allows for high pressure sensitivity close to EMR and natural writing feel with accurate traceability.   Have a long-life battery and exceeds any other existing products in the market today within the same technology category.  Suitable for “medium users” who use pens for mark ups and annotate on documents and memos.

3)Passive Electrostatic Type
Drawing on its simple structure, this pen type is suitable for “light users” who want simple memo taking that is difficult with finger only, such as telephone numbers memo etc. 

All of these digital pens will be have Pen ID data that is convenient for user identification and sharing/editing handwritten content via the cloud.  Also, security features for ink data exchanged on the cloud can be added.

In addition to the digital pen technology line-up expansion, Wacom will also promote “WILL (Wacom Ink Layer Language),” the framework to achieve compatibility of “digital ink (handwritten ink data)” among various OS and applications, which was announced in February.  Wacom will also keep enhancing applications to promote the usage of digital pens, such as “Bamboo Paper.”

Wacom strongly believes that drawing and writing with a pen on a mobile device will become a natural behavior in the future.  By expanding the line-up of digital pen solution offerings and promoting WILL, Wacom will lead the movement toward the age of “digital stationery.”


Recent Devices which adopted Wacom’s Components (called “feel”) 
 (*All products in this list utilize EMR pen)
Samsung Electronics
-GALAXY Note 3, GALAXY Note 10.1(2014 Edition) (Announced on Sept 4th, 2013)
-GALAXY NotePRO (Announced on Jan 7th, 2014)
Android-based 5.7-inch smartphone, 10.1-inch and 12.2-inch tablets adopted feel for efficient handwritten input and execution of commands as well as creation of multitask windows, taking advantage of the accurate and speedy pen operation and realizing new levels of user interface. 

ASUS Tek Computer
-Vivo Tab Note8  (Announced on Jan 6th, 2014)
Windows8.1-based, 8-inch lightweight high performance tablet adopted feel to enhance precision and swift operations to a new height which is indispensible for mobile business as well as student users.

Fujitsu Limited
-ARROWS Tab QH55/M (personal use), Q584/H (business use)(Announced on Oct 8th, 2013)
  Windows8.1-based 10.1-inch water/dust proof tablets.  The splash proof Wacom pen is especially useful when the LCD surface is wet and finger touch is useless.
-ARROWS Tab QH77/M (personal use), Q704/H (business use)(Announced on Oct 8th, 2013)
  Windows8.1-based 12.5-inch high spec water proof tablet with the splash proof Wacom pen.
-LIFEBOOK TH90/P (personal use), T904/H」(business use)(Announced on Feb 4th, 2014)
  13.3-inch notebook PCs with convertible structure based on Windows8.1 (former)  and Windows8.1 Pro (latter).  Adopted feel to realize free and spontaneous handwriting on the large LCD screen.      


About Wacom
Founded in Japan in 1983, Wacom is now a global company with offices around the world supporting marketing and distribution in over 150 countries. For more than 30 years, Wacom has worked with the most creative people and organizations to inspire and equip them to make the world a more creative place.
Wacom’s products have been used by loyal customers to create some of the most exciting digital art, films, special effects, fashion and product designs. They have also played a significant role in making technology accessible in a natural and intuitive way through pen tablets, interactive pen displays, digital interface solutions, stylus products and creative companions. These all make it possible for everyone to express their creativity in digital media, whether artists, business executives or people enjoying everyday creativity.
Wacom’s interface technologies are offered as OEM solutions to leading manufacturers with Wacom feel IT technologies found integrated into the PC, tablet and smart phone products of many strategic partners around the world.

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