We love what creativity brings to the world.

We love our customers. It inspires us when they tell us they love our products. They motivate us to do all we can to inspire them. To us, they are not just 'customers', but unique, individuals and organizations who make the world a more creative place.

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Fashion Design goes digital with Bamboo Stylus

Julieta and Lucia are two young Argentinian fashion designers that show us how to create quick concept sketches using a Bamboo Stylus on an iPad, and then finish their designs using an IntuosPro.

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Creativity keeps us moving

Creativity is different for everyone. That's why we asked people from around the world what creativity means to them. And this is what they told us.

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Traveling and animating with Cintiq Companion

Animator Til Gold tells a story of those who have chosen silence - of Indian farmers who committed suicide to ease the suffering they and their families felt. His documentary film is filled with hand-drawn animations, lending a voice to the late farmers. Equipped with only his Cintiq Companion, Til takes us with him on this special journey.

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Fulfilling potential with the best technology

Ed Cheetham, instructor of Motion Design at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, talks about teaching and how he likes tomake sure that his students are exposed to technology, like Wacom's Cintiq, so that they leave school with a solid grasp of the tools and skills they will need when they land their first professional position.

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Bridging the customer to the store from the Web

Since its founding as a Western-style pharmacy for the first time in Japan, Shiseido Co., Ltd., has been leading the culture and cosmetic technology in Japan. In order to Rei tree Japanese women, to provide our customers with service of Web BC counseling that corresponds to the changes of the times, while inheriting the founding spirit, bridging the customer to the store from the Web, we aim to improve customer satisfaction.

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