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What is Wacom Bridge?

Remote and hybrid work environments for creatives are the new normal – and the future. Wacom has developed an innovative technology solution that radically improves working with professional pen tablets and pen displays on supported remote desktop connections.

Wacom Bridge availability varies by partner & region. See below Certified Partners and access information.

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Why Wacom Bridge?

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Why Wacom Bridge?

Your creative team shouldn't be hindered by remote desktop limitations. With Wacom Bridge, your artists, designers, and developers can take full advantage of pen and touch input on both their local and remote machines. Switching between local and remote use of your pen is as easy as selecting an application window, no matter what size. Plus, if you run the same app locally and remotely, the application specific settings will automatically apply on both systems. 

Creators will love a brand new feature, Wacom Inkline – an instant temporary line drawn on your screen to bridge the gap between the pen tip and the drawn line. It's the closest you'll see a line following your pen tip on a virtual system.

Wacom Bridge Requirements

Supported Wacom device

  • Cintiq Pro (DTH-1320, DTH-1620, DTK-2420, DTH-2420, DTH-3220, DTH167, DTH172, DTH227, DTH271); or
  • Wacom Movink 13 (DTH135); or
  • Intuos Pro (PTH-460, PTH-660, PTH-860); or
  • Cintiq 16, 22 (DTK-1660, DTK-2260); or
  • Mobile Studio Pro (DTH-W1320, DTH-W1620, DTH-W1321, DTH-W1621)

Wacom driver

Wacom driver version 6.4.5 or later installed on the local and remote system.

Wacom Bridge-enabled system

Use of a Wacom Bridge-enabled remote desktop system – see partners below.

Local (client) OS: Windows 10 or later
Remote (host) OS: Windows 10 or later

Wacom Bridge Certified Partners

Wacom Bridge is now live for Splashtop users, and currently in limited Preview testing for NICE DCV users. If you are interested in testing this solution, contact your remote desktop service representative and ask about Wacom Bridge. Don’t see your provider on the list?


Wacom Bridge is live for Splashtop systems in the US, Canada, and Japan. If you are outside these region and would like to access Wacom Bridge, please contact your Splashtop and Wacom sales representative to get more information on potential availability.

Required client/server version number: or later

Local (client) OS: Windows 10 or later. Recommended: Client system have a Nvidia or AMD graphics accelerated system

Remote (host) OS: Windows 10 or later. Host system must have a respectable Nvidia Graphics card and current drivers.


Wacom Bridge is currently in limited Preview testing for NICE DCV systems. If you’re interested in trying out Wacom Bridge, contact your NICE DCV or Wacom sales representative and ask to be added to the waitlist for the Preview testing.

Required client/server version number: 2023.0

Client OS: Windows 10 or later

Host OS: Windows 10 or later

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